Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

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It’s Hard Not To Resent The Success Of Muggles

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I avoid using the P word (privilege), so let’s frame this episode like so: If you’re the owner of a mental illness, you’ve probably watched a lot of people who are unencumbered by that handicap zoom past you in some metric of life that is important to you. Career progression, dating progression, friendship progression (Is that a thing?), hell, even just being able to succeed in a hobby simply because you can partake in that hobby.

That is a hard blow. That’s the kind of blow that knocks the wind out of you no matter how much you were expecting it. The rest of the world just hears whining when you talk about the dichotomy of success and happiness between the muggles and the mentally ill/neurodivergent, which makes the whole thing even more hurtful. These are deep feelings that need to be addressed to keep your mind and personality from adopting a position of resentment towards anyone with anything you don’t have – which is a slippery slope to being a counter-productive a-hole who nobody wants to be around.

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