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Harvey Milk (Aka: Kay Is A Milk Maid)

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Harvey Milk Podcast

Harvey Milk, first openly gay man elected to office in California, is a celebrated figure in 2019, 41 years after he was shot dead by a disgruntled man who on paper seemed the All American Hero archtype, who ended up very much the Cain to Harvey Milk’s Able.

There are some hiccups in his mostly inspiring and troubling life story, come listen to us muddle through it and listen to Damien spout the most ridiculously (likely untrue) statement about gay rights in America ever said on the podcast so far!

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2 thoughts on “Harvey Milk (Aka: Kay Is A Milk Maid)

  1. His story is inspiring as he has proved to everyone that it does not matter what you are as long as you have ambitions. He was the first elected official in the office with such a background.

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