Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

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Dave Chappelle, And F@#$ You Mainstream Media

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If you watch/read the mainstream media you may have already heard about the disappointingly terrible, horrible, no good special that Dave Chappelle has just put out, ruining his legacy of hilarity. It’s pretty amazing however, and the (mostly white) crazy leftists with their anger over a black guy saying words they don’t like in our opinion is just ridiculous.

It’s hilarious, shut the hell up everyone, y’all would have destroyed the man if Chappelle’s Show had been done in 2019, so stop pretending like you loved and defended the man back then. Also there’s something inherently funny about a bunch of leftist white people angry at a liberal black man for humour which pretty much does nothing but elevate it’s targets instead of denigrate.

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